Image API

Listing and searching is analogous to Style with exception that each call should start with client.image

List of Image folders

Refer to Style folder listing.

Listing and Searching Images

Getting all images

Refer to Getting all styles.

Searching images

Refer to Searching styles.

Getting image Attributes

Example below returns image Attributes as a dictionary

image_dict = client.image.attributes_get(header_id='e81d3be5-f5c2-450f-888e-8a854dfc2824')

Creating new Image or Updating Image Attibutes


fields_update = {
    'header_name': 'New Image Name',
    'some_other_field_id': 'value'

# Creates new image

# Updates a image

Deleting an Image


Uploading images to the Image Attributes

It is often a case when you need to upload an image to the Image Attributes page. Upload process consists of two stages.

  • UPLOADING of the file.
  • PROCESSING of the file in BeProduct. It is highly recommended that you don't do any changes to the image which is in processing stage until it's completed.

You have 2 options for uploading a file to BeProduct: either from file system or by providing a file url. In both cases upload id is returned.

Uploading stage looks as follows:

# Uploading from file system
upload_id = client.image.attributes_upload(
    header_id='e81d3be5-f5c2-450f-888e-8a854dfc2824',   # image ID
    filepath='/home/beproduct/your_image.jpg')          # File location 

# Uploading from remote URL
upload_id = client.image.attributes_upload(
    header_id='e81d3be5-f5c2-450f-888e-8a854dfc2824',   # image ID
    fileurl="") # File URL

After that the image is being processed and we have to make sure the process has finished sucessfully before proceeding working with that image.

To check the image processing status you may want to implement something that looks as follows:

while True:
    (is_finished, is_error, error_msg) = client.image.upload_status(upload_id=upload_id)
    if is_finished and not is_error:
        # WE_ARE_OK logic
    if is_finished and is_error:
        # OMG_ERROR logic
        print('Error occured:', error_msg)
    sleep(3) # Let's wait 3 sec and try again